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Agner and Foutts
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It began as Agner, Foutts and Co., then became Agner and Gaston. Agner potteries operated in East
Liverpool from circa 1863 through circa 1883.  The Sebring Family arrived and renamed it the Sebring
Pottery in 1887, and then it became Sevres in 1900.  This is the pottery from which the Sebring Brothers
left to found the town of Sebring, Ohio.  After they left, the pottery became
Sevres China Company.
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The site at the N.E. corner 2nd & Market in Sebring, Ohio was used for
the production of the following pottery and china:
Agner & Foutts/American Pottery Works 1863-1883
Agner & Gaston 1883-1884
Sebring Pottery Company 1887-1940s
Sevres China Co 1900-1908
Warner-Keffer China Co
American Limoges & Salem China Co.were under the same management