November 26th, 2009

My name is John Allen and my Great Grandfather and Grandfather (John C. Allen
Sr. and Jr.) owned Allens' Furniture of Sebring. From time to time I browse The
Sebring Historical Society's web site and I noticed your walk down memory lane.
I assume as it's Project 2009 that the March walk has come and gone but
thought you might like a couple more historic photos to add to what you have.
The front and back of one picture appear to be the first location of the furniture
store, dated 1905, on North 15th. The right side of the building I assume as the
back of one of the folding chairs has Allen Bros. printed on it and the other side is
a restaurant. The others are of the second location, dated 1960, on the corner of
16th and Pennsylvania.

John Allen
Allen's Furniture
Here in Atlanta, Georgia we're looking forward to the start of
baseball season in a few days (go Braves!) which reminded me of
these attached pictures.  There of a baseball team my great grand
father apparently managed. I haven't been able to find info on the
team. Do you think any of the Historical Society members would
know about the  Iriquois baseball team of 1909? In the first picture
my great grand father is in the center back and in the second picture
my grandfather at about 3 years of age is sitting in the front. As
before you're welcome to use the pictures.

Sincerely, John Allen, March 2010