The French China Company
Sebring Ohio Historical Society
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Patterns included table and toilet ware in white granite and semi-porcelain bodies.  Included are 'Greek',
'Kenneth', 'Tiger', 'Pluto', 'Cupid' and 'Lygia'.  Backstamps include 'La Francaise, Semi Vitreous' over a
Fleur de Lyse, La Francais Martha Washington, F.C. Co. China, F.C.  Co. martha Washington, F. C. Co.
Victoria, La Francaise Porcelain,
Began in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1898.  It was called Klyndyke because of its great distance from the
center of town.  Moved to Sebring, Ohio on West California Ave, 1901.  The Sebring's stated that they
generation'.  Became the 'World's Largest Producers of Premium China".    Employed 150 people by
1905. Controlled by
Oliver Sebring in 1916, and incorporated as the Sebring Manufacturing
Corporation, along with Saxon China Company and Strong Manufacturing Company, all controlled by
one management, but maintaining individuality.  Later owned by
E.H. Sebring and Vern Oliver.  The
companies joined the American Chinaware Corporation in 1929.  Ruined by the Stock Market Crash of
1929. Stopped production in 1932.  Home of the first decalcomania machine, causing the decal girls to
go on strike.  Manufactured table and toilet wares in white granite and semi-porcelain bodies and
special novelties..  Eventually sold to the
Strong Mfg. Co. for use as a warehouse.
The Le Roi pattern was manufactured from 1916-1929.  It has
an 18 K gold trim on ivory semivitreous china.
According to Oldetyme,
1899 founded as the French China Company
1916 became part of the Sebring Manufacturing Co along with Strong Manufacturing and Saxon
China (founded 1911). All 3 plants retained their individual names
1929 the Sebring group joined the American Chinaware Corporation
1931 the American Chinaware Corporation failed
1932 both French China and Saxon China stopped production
1934 they were combined and re-opened as the French-Saxon China Company
1964 purchased by Royal China Company of Sebring
Photos from Rebecca Strine
Photos from Erica McDonald