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Gem Clay Forming Company
Story 1.) Circa 1900-1980's on West Georgia Ave. and 16th and Railroad Street. Located first in Bellaire, Belmont County,
Ohio. Formed by the merger of the garage pottery of B.H. Green, H.D. Weaver and E. C. Albright.
Story 2.) The company originated in East Liverpool, Ohio and moved to Sebring.  In the beginning, they manufactured parts for
furnaces.  The plant burned in 1908.  The plant was rebuilt, and continued to make heating and electrical porcelain. Made
refractory ware, which is clayware composed to resist high temperatures.  Created the 'Our Gang Comedy' in clay figurines
during the depression, along with Tarzan. Later made salt and pepper shakers, lamp bases, refrigeration ware and baby dishes.  
Later made fireplace brick and mantle rings and fireplace logs.
Photo courtesy of
Suzanne Carter
Photos courtesy of
David Holcombe
excerpt from Clay Record
Pictures from Amanda Tinnell
Photo from Stephanie Foertmeyer
Photos from Leigh Kennedy