Holiday Designs
Sebring Ohio Historical Society
126 North 15th Street
Sebring, Ohio 44672
We do not have many of this pottery's works in our collection.  If
you would allow us to photograph or would send us photos of your
piece, we'd much appreciate it.  We also accept tax deductible
Located at South 12th street and Baugh Avenue in the building formerly occupied by
Spaulding. The site was then owned by Mr. Shiffman wo made small sinks for mobile
homes.  After that it was owned by Mr. Eugene T. Meskill, who bought the plant ion 1964,
and named it Holiday Designs.  They produced canisters, cookie jars, teapots, and accessory
items.  In 1982, the pottery was sold once again, this time to
Designer Accents of New
Jersey.  It was purchased by Richard C. Durstein of Pittsburgh, PA.  Some months earlier,
Designer Accents had acquired two other potteries, Holiday Designs of Sebring, Ohio, and
their Sebring Studios division.
All production at these potteries was moved to the Nelson McCoy Pottery.  The ware
formerly produced by Holiday Designs, being lower priced items, was discontinued, while
the higher priced wares from Sebring Studios were continued for some time. The ware
produced under the name Sebring Studios was marked with only a style number.
Photo courtesy of Jac Rackum
Photo courtesy of
Sharron Forbes-Davis
photo by Kathryn Bridges
photo from Anita Alexander
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