Sebring Ohio Historical Society
1857-1929 Born July 14, 1857 in East Liverpool, Ohio. Oldest of the
Sebring brothers.  Engineered the purchase of the 200 acres that became
Sebring, Ohio.  First owned the Oliver China Company, built in 1899 in
Sebring, Ohio. George, his brother, soon afterward took over. Also managed
French China Company after Fred sold it.  At one time he had interests
Limoges, French China, Saxon China,  and the Strong Manufacturing
Company.  These he merged into the Sebring Manufacturing Corporation.
He sold a million dollar bond issue for modernization purposes, which funds
were poorly managed.   Saxon operated 1911-1932, and was sold to W.V.
Oliver in 1934.  Founded the
Citizen Banking Company and the Sebring
Manufacturing Corporation. He also had controlling interest in the Hotel.  
He was co-owner with his son Bert of the Sebring
Cooperage Company.  He
was president of the National Potters Association.  His first residence was
Oliver Howard Sebring/Matilda Jan Hume
Oliver Howard Sebring 1857-1929