Stanford Art Pottery
Sebring Ohio Historical Society
126 North 15th Street
Sebring, Ohio 44672
Created in 1945 by George Stanford, a former manager at Spaulding.
Destroyed by fire, like so many of Sebring's potteries, in 1961.  Most noted for their
corn line.  Built on the former location of the
Sebring Pottery.
Some of their pieces incorporated the NASCO trademark, for the National Silver
they used to decorate it.  
Photos courtesy of Jacqueline
Photos courtesy of
Leah Drake
Photos courtesy of
Hilda Hayson
According to Oldetyme,
Stanford Pottery was established in 1945 in Sebring, Ohio
The factory was leveled by a fire in 1961 and all production
ceased although they continued to sell the previous products that
had been produced, until sometime after 1965.
Photos from Michael, Louisville KY
Photos by Lori Biglow
Photos from Steve Johnson
Photos from Kimberly
Photo: Charlotte Binns